Torch x Ghost Collection

2G Live Resin Diamonds Disposable (5-Pack)

The energy and focus from this strain are accompanied by a euphoria that hits you in waves.

Feels like: Focused, Uplifting, Talkative

Taste like: Pineapple, Tropical, Grapefruit


  • Proprietary Ceramic Technology
  • Faster Charging: USB-C
  • Diamond Oil Window
  • Pre-Heat Function


The Best Rainbow Gushers For Sale

The Rainbow Gushers vape pen is an incredible tool with all the Rainbow color schemes and resembles a tube mod. But it is great enough that the tanks are a mod component. The glass tank and top covering cap are the only components that can be taken apart, along with the airflow and base for screwing the device’s coil heads. ghost carts in bulk

What is a Gushers cake cart vape pen?

The gushers cake cart is a portable vape pen recently launched to the ultra-compact mod market. It has the same size, shape, and style as most other vape pens. ghost carts in bulk

From the name independently, you can already guess how the pen looks. It comes with a fair amount of inventiveness and a rainbow-colored viewpoint.

Its 22-meter diameter offers it room to accommodate coils with decent performance. Additionally, a 1650mAh battery is included with an unmatched battery rating.  ghost carts in bulk

Why is Gushers cake disposable?

While many vape pens are called “pens” only because their size and shape near resemble a pen, there are also vape pens purposely designed to look like pens to hide their true function. Even vape pens on the market have been cleverly designed to function as a writing implement.

Rainbow Gushers cake cart performance

This product takes pride in being a sub-ohm tank without an RBA tank base. Only prefabricated coils can be used with this pen to vape. This device explicitly requires its coils. Therefore, you cannot use other coil heads on it. 

The 0.3-ohm dual-core and the 0.4-ohm quad-core versions of the Rainbow pen are available. These two coil heads have respective ratings of 20W and 50W. However, the Rainbow vape pen does not enable wattage control, so none of these ratings are significant.

Unfortunately, after being fully charged, the gadget starts up quickly and at high wattage, but you will soon notice that after some use, the device’s power starts to decline.

For such a compact gadget, the coils in this vape pen function effectively and have an effective vapor-producing mechanism. ghost carts in bulk